Blog Fatigue~

     I’ve been feeling a bit “bloggy” as of late. There are quite a few reasons for this:
     A) I signed up for a MediaBistro personal essay class– a mistake, but who would have known (except Gary Presley who said, more or less, I told you so). So I’m still busy subbing and critting stuff over there, but I’m losing enthusiasm rapidly.

     For the money, I really thought I’d get more than a “yeah, this is pretty good,” or a “nope, this isn’t working.” I get more, and better, feedback from my friends at IWW (just as Gary said).

     One of my classmates is pretty disgruntled too. But, she says, it’s not the worst class she’s ever taken. Once, as an assignment, she did a review of her class and was asked to leave. She wants to try to finish this one without burning a bridge. I’m not sure I care.

     B) I’ve been kept busy by the lawsuit recently and have been blogging over there about various and sundry happenings in that corner of my life (Noticias de Punta Uva). It looks, for the moment, as though we are on the “right side,” if you translate that as getting the hell out of dodge.

     C) I’m trying to continue to sub chapters of memoir to IWW. I had a major meltdown over that recently, as several people who I have poured my guts out to will recall. I thought I’d stop writing it, as I couldn’t seem to figure out where I was going with it. Many people at IWW have been kind enough to write back with encouraging words.
     One person assured me that nobody really knows where a memoir will take you when you are writing it. It is the journey inwards that provides the meat for the eventual insights required to make a good one. If there is no angst, she said, it probably means the memoir is fluff.

     I know that none of these things should keep me from writing, and I HAVE been writing. It’s just that when I look at my blog (right now) it seems to represent an assignment or something and I can’t figure out what to write about. So I thought I’d write about this.

     That’s the problem isn’t it? Fitting life and writing into a manageable schedule.

     And I’m retired for Christ’s sake.