High winds Costa Rica feb 2009

Under the Weather~

Costa Rica was hit with a cold front and strong winds last week, leaving 200,000 people without light in five provinces. Winds up to 85 km per hour were recorded, knocking down trees and tearing out utilities across the country. The photo above, courtesy of our newspaper La Nacion, is close to Matina and our usual road from the Atlantic coast to the capital, San José. Needless to say, we have been at home and staying put.

Here in Punta Uva the storm raged for days on end. The weather people didn’t seem to be able to pronosticar further than two days, always promising it would abate by then. It did not. It was actually worse than the rains we had in December. It rained so hard that our potrero filled with water and the whole place looked like a lake. I spent most days mopping up water off our wooden veranda and trying to keep things from blowing away. The rest of the time we huddled under blankets, wearing turtlenecks, long pants, and socks. I know this sounds lightweight to you people in the northern climes, but it was cold!

Yesterday was the first day it was clear enough to go to the beach. Alan took the two dogs for their usual afternoon romp and said trash from the ocean had been thrown fifty meters inland, sand was hurled over the little road that hugs the coastline in front of our house, and everyone had plastic covering their porches. A disaster zone.

Today the meteorological people say the cold front has left and there will be clearing over the next few days. That means the mosquito population with bloom like thistle down, but at least it will be warm.

In all that rain our little pond and bog garden acted as they were designed to: the overflow from the pond siphoned off into the bog garden and it, in turn, ran off when it got full. Alan found some lovely water plants in one of our drainage ditches and transplanted them in the pond. One is a lily of sorts that blooms only at night.

The other is this pretty water hyacinth that surprised us this morning with a bloom or two. The dragonfly on the grasses has been there all day. We thought he might have frozen to death in the cold. I hope not! We will need him to do his work when the mosquitoes hatch.